Best Shouty® Comics of 2017

These are the top comics by engagement for the ~year~ on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, reddit, and Tumblr. (I didn’t include Google+ b/c there isn’t an analytics section where I can easily access this data.)

Top 5 on Facebook (Follow Shouty on Facebook)
1. Soap
New versus old soap
2. A Fart’s Journey
A Fart's Journey
3. Passive Aggressive
Passive Aggressive
4. Just Roll with It
A Tree's Life
5. Inauguration Day
Inauguration Day

Top 5 on Instagram (Follow Shouty on Instagram)
1. Soap (see Facebook’s list above for comic)
2. A Fart’s Journey (see Facebook’s list above for comic)
3. Seed of Photon
General Sod
4. Teefus Perfectus
Teefus Perfectus
5. Whatever Works…
On phone before bed habit

Top 5 on Twitter (Follow Shouty on Twitter)
1. Net Neutrality
Net Neutrality
2. Representation
Representation Matters
3. Pi
Using pi in real life
4. National French Toast Day Hacks
National French Toast Day Hacks
5. Cliffhanger

Top 5 on reddit (Follow Shouty on reddit)
1. Pi (see Twitter’s list above for comic)
2. Soap (see Facebook’s list above for comic)
3. Delivery
Drone Delivery
4. Cinnamon Roll
The Truth about Cinnamon Rolls
5. Unconditional Love / Shouty & his cat
Shouty and cats

Top 5 on Tumblr (Follow Shouty on Tumblr)
1. Where is the lie?
Shouty's Shamrock Shake
2. World Smile Day
A smile shared between friends
3. Carnival
Dopamine and Computers
4. Fine Print
Read the Fine Print
5. Feline Immunity
Cat Contagious Yawning

Based on the data, the all time best Shouty comic of 2017 is Soap!

Let’s make 2018 awesome!

Playing around with drawing styles

different drawing style

So…most of the time I sketch with paper and then start the comics, but this time I also decided to draw a draft without being bound by any brand or style guidelines. I appreciated this freedom and the time savings. I do like the black and white look, so I might adopt this in the future at some time. If not for Shouty, then maybe for when I start my own blog. How do you think it compares with the official version?

MBR Reviews Life of Shouty: Food & Fitness

Midwest Book Review – (The Health Shelf)
“Life of Shouty: Food & Fitness” is the second book in a series titled the Life of Shouty, a saga about a being who “goes from overweight and overwhelmed to fit and focused.” Written in inspirational, piquant verse and filled with large, colorful cartoon-like illustrations, “Life of Shouty: Food & Fitness” is characterized by very familiar dilemmas facing a junk food eater who strives for better, healthier choices in his life. Although Shouty has a faintly alien cone-head-like appearance, this trait is somehow endearing, and readers will identify with his battles with his personified midnight junk food cravings. “Life of Shouty: Food & Fitness” is a quirky manual to self empowerment and improved health. “Life of Shouty” may be written for a young audience, but its appeal will cross generation boundaries.

MBR reviews Life of Shouty: Good Habits

Midwest Book Review – (Reviewer’s Choice)
“Life of Shouty: Good Habits” is author NeonSeon’s answer to the couch potato syndrome. Shouty is someone we all recognize, a procrastinator. Will he manage to face his inactivity and decisionlessness and begin a positive constructive life with new good habits? Not without a struggle, embellished and emblazoned by the blunt, comic strip art of NeonSeon which does more than poke fun at Shouty. In fact, art (by NeonSeon) mirrors Shouty, and it’s both painful and scary. Yes, Shouty can take charge, accept responsibility, and change, and it is worth the effort. “Life of Shouty: Good Habits” is aimed at a juvenile audience age 8 and up, but adults will like it too.