MBR reviews Life of Shouty: Good Habits

Midwest Book Review – (Reviewer’s Choice)
“Life of Shouty: Good Habits” is author NeonSeon’s answer to the couch potato syndrome. Shouty is someone we all recognize, a procrastinator. Will he manage to face his inactivity and decisionlessness and begin a positive constructive life with new good habits? Not without a struggle, embellished and emblazoned by the blunt, comic strip art of NeonSeon which does more than poke fun at Shouty. In fact, art (by NeonSeon) mirrors Shouty, and it’s both painful and scary. Yes, Shouty can take charge, accept responsibility, and change, and it is worth the effort. “Life of Shouty: Good Habits” is aimed at a juvenile audience age 8 and up, but adults will like it too.