Best Shouty® Comics of 2019

These are the top comics by engagement for the year on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and reddit. (There wasn’t enough engagement on Tumblr to include it this year.)

Top 5 on Facebook (Follow Shouty on Facebook)
1. Season of Giving
Season of Giving Comic by Shouty
2. Remembering
Remembering Comic By Shouty
3. Dream Come True
Dream Come True Comic by Shouty
4. Genetic Test
Genetic Test Comic By Shouty
5. Vegan Thanksgiving
Vegan Thanksgiving Comic by Shouty

Top 5 on Instagram (Follow Shouty on Instagram)
1. Do Not Try This at Home
Cats and Fear Comic by Shouty
2. Puzzle Solving
Puzzle Solving Comic by Shouty
3. Grammar Tips
Grammar Tips Comic by Shouty
4. Productivity’s Up
Productivity's Up Comic by Shouty
5. Brush and Floss
Brush and Floss Comic by Shouty

Top 5 on Twitter (Follow Shouty on Twitter)
1. National Shower with a Friend Day
National Shower with a Friend Day Comic by Shouty
2. Let Me Know
Let Me Know Comic by Shouty
3. Vegan Thanksgiving (see Facebook’s list above for comic)
4. Dream Come True (see Facebook’s list above for comic)
5. Merging in Bumper to Bumper Traffic
Merging Comic By Shouty

Top 5 on reddit (Follow Shouty on reddit)
1. Worry (Part I)
Worry Part I Comic by Shouty
2. National Shower with a Friend Day (see Twitter’s list above for comic)
3. Email: Draft vs. Sent
Draft vs. Sent Comic by Shouty
4. Sore
Sore Comic by Shouty
5. Fingernails
Fingernails Comic by Shouty

Three of my personal top five of 2019 are already included above (Dream Come True, Brush and Floss, and Genetic Test) and I’d add these two:
1. Annual Checkup
Annual Checkup Comic by Shouty
2. Snow Day
Snow Day Comic by Shouty

Based on the data, the all time best Shouty comic of 2019 is Dream Come True!

Let’s make 2020 awesome!