Best Shouty® Comics of 2018

These are the top comics by engagement for the year on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, reddit, Tumblr, and Google+.

Top 5 on Facebook (Follow Shouty on Facebook)
1. Perception
All about appearances
2. Unfulfilled Potential: The Slice
Unfulfilled Potential: The Slice Comic by Shouty
3. Day of Unplugging
Day of Unplugging
4. Sober Six Pack
Sober Six Pack Comic by Shouty
5. Starving
No food in the house.

Top 5 on Instagram (Follow Shouty on Instagram)
1. Inside the Shoe
Toes Talking
2. Index Finger
Index Finger
3. National Best Friends Day
4. The Dip
Da Dip
5. Lady Liberty
Peaceful Protest Civil Disobedience

Top 5 on Twitter (Follow Shouty on Twitter)
1. Early Start
Early Start Comic by Shouty
2. Exercise Tracking
Exercise Tracking Comic by Shouty
3. #LogOutFacebook
#LogOutFacebook Comic by Shouty
4. National Donut Day
National Donut Day
5. Gift from the Heart
Gift from the Heart

Top 5 on reddit (Follow Shouty on reddit)
1. Hair Growth
Hair Growth Comic by Shouty
2. Save Yourself
The sad life of toilet paper
3. Ridge-cut
Potato chip technology
4. Inside the Shoe (see Instagram’s list above for comic)
5. Faking It
Virtual Reality Weight Loss

Top 5 on Tumblr (Follow Shouty on Tumblr)
1. Priorities
My Priorities Include
2. Ribs
Ribs Comic by Shouty
3. Store Samples
Store Samples
4. Internet Shopping
The Evolution of Internet Shopping
5. Read Across America
Read Across America

Top 5 on Google+ (Follow Shouty on Google+)
1. Clever Cats
Clever Cats
2. National Pet Week
Phonetic Alphabet
3. Transformation Tuesday: Fruit Edition
Transformation Tuesday Fruit Edition
4. Sleep Prescription
World Sleep Day
5. Veggie Pizza
Veggie Pizza Comic by Shouty

And here are my personal top five favorites of the year:
1. Selfie Match
Google Arts & Culture Selfie Match
2. Where’s the lie tho?
Reading an hour a day
3. Priorities (see Tumblr’s list above for comic)
4. Motorcycle
Motorcycle Comic by Shouty
5. Missing
The Disappearance of Adverbs

Based on the data, the all time best Shouty comic of 2018 is Priorities!

Let’s make 2019 awesome!