Grammar Tips

Grammar Tips Comic by Shouty


Farther v. Further
“I don’t know if I can walk any farther.”
“Let’s take the argument a step further.”
When you’re talking about distance, use farther (think far away). For everything else, use further. [Shouty says, “Cool!”]
Less v. Fewer
“There is less grass.”
“There are fewer blades of grass.”
“Less stuff.”
“10 items or fewer.”
If you cannot count it, use less. If you can count it (1 dog, 2 dogs), use fewer. [Shouty looks contemplative and says, “Hmmm…Interesting”]
Me v. I
“He paid Kim and me.”
“Kim and I ate.”
Remove the other person to know whether to use I or me: He paid me / I ate.
“Jim is older than I.”
Finish the sentence to see that you use I instead of me: “Jim is older than I am.” [Shouty’s mind is blown.]

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