Who’s to blame?

Who's to Blame Comic by Shouty


Message Thread. Mike: Thank you for accepting my invitation to connect! Rick: You’re welcome, Mike! Nice to reconnect with you. Mike: Thank you, Rick! Mike: Sure thing, take care! Rick: You, too! [Smiley Face Emoji] Mike: Thanks! [Smiley Face Emoji] Rick: You’re welcome! Mike: [Thumbs Up Emoji] Rick: [Thumbs Up Emoji][Smiley Face Emoji] Mike: [Smiley Face Emoji] Rick: [Smiley Face Emoji]


Scale Comic by Shouty


Shouty steps on the scale in his undershirt and underwear. The scale reads 281. Twelve seconds later, he’s back on the scale. This time without an undershirt and he has swapped boxers for briefs. The scale reads 282. Shouty exclaims, “C’mon!”

Last Cookie

Last Cookie Comic by Shouty


Shouty (to the man at the cookie station): I got the last cookie! Today is my lucky day! [Shouty picks up the cookie to eat it.] Man (to person off-screen): Bring out the fresh batch. [Shouty has his mouth full with the cookie and is upset.]

Exercise Tracking

Exercise Tracking Comic by Shouty


Shouty: Now that I got a Fitbit, I walk during my lunch break. Leonard: Awesome, man! [Next Day] Leonard: How was your lunch walk? Shouty: I didn’t go. Leonard: Why not? Shouty: I forgot my Fitbit so it wouldn’t have counted.

Air Pollution

Air Pollution Comic by Shouty


Shouty (wearing an air pollution face mask): Due to the poor air quality, I’ve had to forgo my morning exercise routine. Leonard: But you don’t have an exercise routine. Shouty (putting his index finger up to his lips over the mask): Shhhh.


Exercise Comic by Shouty


Shouty: Do you ever fart when you workout? Leonard: Yeah, why? Shouty: Do you ever wonder when the fart would have come out, had you not been working out? Leonard: Uh, no. Shouty: Exercise. Because fart does a body good.