Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter Comic


Standing in front of a partial list of murdered black people in a difficult to read red-and-white color scheme, Shouty, his sister Merlington, who is wearing a black power beret and sunglasses, and her son Cousin, who is holding a Black Lives Matter sign, stare at the viewer.

Pandemic Pudge

Pandemic Pudge Comic by Shouty


Shouty, in an oversized hoodie: “I’m on my way to gain the COVID-19lbs.”
Leonard: “Did you make that up?”
Shouty, hugging a bag of chips: “No. But I’ve embraced it!”
Leonard laughs.

Sign o’ the Times

Sign 'o the Times Comic by Shouty


Shouty: “I’m saving so much eating at home.”
Leonard: “Yeah, but that’s probably offset by your recent purchases.”
Shouty: “What do you mean?”
Both are surrounded by stacks of toilet paper rolls.

A Simple Question

A Simple Question Comic by Shouty


Will you be my Valentine?
Checkbox 1: yes.
Checkbox 2: no.
Written-in checkbox, selected: “My lawyer advised me not to answer this question.”


Apple Comic by Shouty


Shouty: “Have you tried this variety of apple? So good!”
Leonard: “Aren’t those made in a lab?”
Shouty: “But they’re organic.”
Leonard, checking phone: “Yeah…organically made in a lab.”
Shouty: “Welp, I guess I’m gonna have to go back to cookies for my snack.”
Leonard laughs.


M.A.D. Comic by Shouty


A battered microphone stands on a stage in front of an audience of microphones. He says, “I mean, the stand was right there!” Beside him is a sign that reads, “M.A.D. Microphones Against Dropping.”

Methods of Payment

Methods of Payment Comic by Shouty


Shouty, with a pensive face thinking to himself in his car: “I forgot my cash on the table… Should I go back?”
Now smiling, he thinks: “Nah, I got my credit cards.”
Shouty is eighth in line when a new register opens up. The operator of the register says, “I can take folks who are paying with cash.”
No one moves.

Season of Giving

Season of Giving Comic by Shouty


Shouty: “Check your email. I got something for you.”
Leonard: “Wow, thank you!”
Shouty smiles as Leonard reads his email.
Leonard: “A Disney Plus subscription!?! This is awesome.”
Shouty: “It’s a 7-day free trial, so make sure you cancel it or they’ll charge me.”
Leonard is laughing.