Grammar Tips

Grammar Tips Comic by Shouty


Farther v. Further
“I don’t know if I can walk any farther.”
“Let’s take the argument a step further.”
When you’re talking about distance, use farther (think far away). For everything else, use further. [Shouty says, “Cool!”]
Less v. Fewer
“There is less grass.”
“There are fewer blades of grass.”
“Less stuff.”
“10 items or fewer.”
If you cannot count it, use less. If you can count it (1 dog, 2 dogs), use fewer. [Shouty looks contemplative and says, “Hmmm…Interesting”]
Me v. I
“He paid Kim and me.”
“Kim and I ate.”
Remove the other person to know whether to use I or me: He paid me / I ate.
“Jim is older than I.”
Finish the sentence to see that you use I instead of me: “Jim is older than I am.” [Shouty’s mind is blown.]

Passing the Buck

Passing the Buck Comic by Shouty


Leonard: “Can you remind me to buy some paper towels?”
Shouty: “Sure, just remind me when we get to the store.”
Leonard, astonished: “Really?”
Shouty smirks and gives a thumbs up.


#10YearChallenge Comic By Shouty


Ten years ago, this Facebook user had 483 friends with four profile pictures showing a smiling man in a portrait shot, a cyclist, a mountain, and a cat. Ten years later, this Facebook user has fewer friends at 208 with four profile pictures showing the Black Lives Matter logo, a quote attributed to Martin Luther King, Jr.: “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”, the Rainbow Flag, and a blacked out profile picture.

National Shower with a Friend Day

National Shower with a Friend Day Comic by Shouty


Shouty, holding a thumbs up: “Hey, it’s National Shower with a Friend Day!”
Leonard, looking surprised: “You mean like…us?”
Shouty, eyebrows raised: “No, no, I was just sayin’.”
Leonard, relieved: “Ok good, I was about to say.”
Shouty looks sad, leans on his fist and elbow.

Snow Day

Snow Day Comic by Shouty


Cousin, looking out of the window at falling snow with Shouty: “This snow day is surreal.”
Next frame: A snow globe labeled “Snow Day,” showing a house surrounded by falling snow. We can see Cousin and Shouty looking out of the window.

Puzzle Solving

Puzzle Solving Comic by Shouty


The “Edges First” Approach:
[Five jigsaw puzzle pieces assemble to make up a corner of a puzzle.]
The “Match Colors” Approach:
[Three piles of different colors or patterns of puzzle pieces.]
The “I Got Bored & Started Making Up Stories” Approach:
[A puzzle piece that looks like a person with an hourglass figure; the caption reads, “She’s a brick house.” A puzzle piece that looks like a square person; the caption reads, “Now she’s pregnant.” A puzzle piece that looks like a person with an hourglass figure with a round bulge between its legs; caption reads, “Here comes baby!”

Sign Up Form

Sign Up Form Comic by Shouty


Shouty, holding his phone toward Leonard: “Don’t you think they took it too far?”
Leonard: “What?”
The next frame shows a sign up form:
Enter your email address and we’ll send you a FREE signup link to view our How to Be Charming videos.
Below you can enter your email address or click the link that says, “No, thanks. I’m boring and will die alone.”

Brush and Floss

Brush and Floss Comic by Shouty


Shouty, with lids drooping, thinks to himself: “I’m too tired to brush and floss.”
The angel on his right shoulder says: “But it only takes 5 min.”
The devil on his left shoulder says: “You should go to bed.”
Shouty is shown brushing and flossing, still with tired eyes.
Shouty lies in bed wide awake.