Stomach Size

Stomach Size Comic by Shouty


Shouty, holding a plate with a slice of pizza in one hand and a pizza box with the remaining slices in the other: “I can’t eat all of this pizza. Here, take this to work.”
Leonard: “Ok.”
Shouty: “What are you doing?”
Leonard, with the pizza box in his hand: “I’m taking this to work.”
Shouty: “No, leave the box with me. Take the slice.”


Shoutyzilla Comic by Shouty


Shoutyzilla, like Godzilla 2019, comes out of the Pacific sporting a tiny head and breathing fire.

The Compliment

Pro Comic by Shouty


Leonard: “I keep forgetting to tell you, you are a pro,” Shouty is smiling and blushing, “…at reading…” Shouty looks perplexed, “self-help books.” Shouty stares out into space.

Annual Checkup

Annual Checkup Comic by Shouty


Shouty: “Is there anything my body’s doing well?”
Doctor: “Well…yes! It is very efficient…” Shouty leans in, smiling, “…at storing fat.”


Fingernails Comic by Shouty


As Shouty watches TV, he thinks to himself: “I gotta remember to cut my nails.” In bed, he thinks to himself: “Gotta cut my nails.” At work, a co-worker is viewing his monitor with him and says, “Which item are you looking at?” Beads of sweat come down Shouty’s face. Shouty points to the item on the monitor, his long fingernail making the noise “clink” when it hits the screen.

Nose Blowing

Nose Blowing Comic by Shouty


Shouty: “I’m lucky….I rarely have to blow my nose.”
Leonard: “The body produces 1.5 quarts of mucus a day, but that doesn’t mean it all gets blown.”
Shouty: “What do you mean?”
Leonard: “Well, yours could be going through the back…like post nasal drip.”
Shouty looks disgusted.

Do Not Try This at Home

Cats and Fear Comic by Shouty


First frame: Sock-Sock looks unbothered as a mean bear comes into her space.
Second frame: Sock-Sock is chillin’ as a hungry wolf approaches.
Third frame: Sock-Sock jumps for her life, fur sticking straight up in fear, in response to seeing a cucumber on the floor.

Productivity’s Up

Productivity's Up Comic by Shouty


Leonard, as Shouty is typing away on his laptop: “You’ve been so productive lately. What’s your secret?”
Shouty, holding a small bottle: “It’s my new cologne. Elon Musk.”