• Vegan Thanksgiving ~

    Vegan Thanksgiving Comic by Shouty


    Shouty: “Looking forward to our first vegan Thanksgiving?”
    Cousin: “It’s gonna be weird without turkey.”
    Turkey: “Oh, I’ll be there. Got my invite last week.”

  • Merging in Bumper to Bumper Traffic ~

    Merging Comic By Shouty


    In bumper to bumper traffic, a yellow car is taking advantage of the wider merging lane and passing cars before merging. An arrow points to the yellow car: “Merges after passing 8 more cars.”

    A few cars behind, another car merges onto the highway, when a red car centers itself in the lane to block it from passing several cars before merging. An arrow points to the red car: “Me blocking mergers from cheatin’.”

  • Genetic Test ~

    Genetic Test Comic By Shouty


    Shouty is swabbing his cheek with a genetic testing kit.
    Leonard: “You know the company will own your DNA in perpetuity, right?”
    Shouty: “Yeah, so. What’s the worse that could happen?”
    Leonard looks solemn.
    Shouty thinks of the following scenarios:
    “Your DNA was found at the crime scene”
    “Your dad isn’t your dad”
    “You got 7 siblings now”
    “…and then he was cloned”
    “You ARE the father!”

  • #NoTVember ~



    Shouty: “I’m not watching TV for the month of November – it’s #NoTVember.
    Leonard: “Watching on laptop still counts.”
    Shouty, with thumbs up: “Baby steps.”
    Leonard laughs.

  • Happy World Vegan Day ~

    Happy World Vegan Day


    2019 | Shouty: “Crazy that our grandparents’ generation saw ads where doctors endorsed smoking tobacco as healthy.”
    2089 | Shouty’s future relatives: “Crazy that our grandparents’ generation saw ads that touted cow’s milk as healthy for the human body.”

  • Remembering ~

    Remembering Comic By Shouty


    Leonard: “What was that guy’s name again?”
    Shouty, closing his eyes and holding his fist to his head: “Don’t say nuthin’, I almost have it.”
    Leonard: “Was it Tom?”
    Shouty, putting his index finger up to his mouth: “Shhh.”
    An undefined duration of time has passed and Leonard is now a skeleton, while Shouty is still straining to remember with his eyes closed and fist to his head.

  • Sore ~

    Sore Comic by Shouty


    Shouty, worried: “Sorry I’m walking slowly…my glutes are sore.”
    Leonard: “You been weightlifting?”
    Shouty, grinning: “Binge watching.”

  • Dream Come True ~

    Dream Come True Comic by Shouty


    Shouty, thinking to himself and blushing: “I can’t believe we’re about to kiss. I’ve wanted this for so long!! Dreams really can come true.”
    Shouty and his beloved move close to each other. He is overwhelmed with the moment. They are smiling.
    Both of them close their eyes and move in to kiss, their puckered lips a mere inch away from the other’s.
    The alarm goes off at 7:00 AM and Shouty lays awake in bed.