• Email: Draft vs. Sent ~

    Draft vs. Sent Comic by Shouty


    How it looks when you review it:
    “Hi Sam, Yes, I would like to buy your road bike for the listed price of $500.00. Thank you, Shouty”
    How it looks after you send it:
    “Hi Sam, Yes, I would like to but your your road bike for the listed price of $500.00 . Thanks you, Shouty”

  • Let Me Know ~

    Let Me Know Comic by Shouty


    Leonard: “Shouty, wake up! You missed the ending.”
    Shouty (half asleep): “Wha, huh?”
    Leonard: “Next time, tell me if you fall asleep.”
    Shouty (sarcastically): “Um, ok. I’ll be sure to wake up in the middle of my dream to let you know.”

  • Ring Finger ~

    Ring Finger Comic by Shouty


    Ring Finger: “I had hoped Single Ladies would put me on the map but that ended up just helping the hand. Index finger has sports, middle finger is ubiquitous, and baby finger is still riding that Dr. Evil Exposure. Also, all the others are known for their position except me….So I’d like to announce from this point forward, call me Digitus Annularis – the ‘other’ middle finger.”
    Baby Finger is looking at Ring Finger with a pacifier in its mouth, and Middle Finger is giving Ring Finger the finger.

  • Nice to Meet You ~

    Nice to Meet You Comic by Shouty


    Thick Book: “Hi, I’m Tome.”
    Bookmark: “I’m Mark.”
    I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship….

  • Vanilla Ice Cream ~

    Vanilla Ice Cream Comic by Shouty


    Vanilla Ice Cream, looking upset: “I coulda had chocolate chips. Coulda had nuts or caramel. But I’m just plain vanilla. I’m not even French.”
    Apple Pie: “But I like you.”
    Vanilla Ice Cream is smitten.

  • Stomach Size ~

    Stomach Size Comic by Shouty


    Shouty, holding a plate with a slice of pizza in one hand and a pizza box with the remaining slices in the other: “I can’t eat all of this pizza. Here, take this to work.”
    Leonard: “Ok.”
    Shouty: “What are you doing?”
    Leonard, with the pizza box in his hand: “I’m taking this to work.”
    Shouty: “No, leave the box with me. Take the slice.”

  • Shoutyzilla ~

    Shoutyzilla Comic by Shouty


    Shoutyzilla, like Godzilla 2019, comes out of the Pacific sporting a tiny head and breathing fire.

  • The Compliment ~

    Pro Comic by Shouty


    Leonard: “I keep forgetting to tell you, you are a pro,” Shouty is smiling and blushing, “…at reading…” Shouty looks perplexed, “self-help books.” Shouty stares out into space.