• Season of Giving ~

    Season of Giving Comic by Shouty


    Shouty: “Check your email. I got something for you.”
    Leonard: “Wow, thank you!”
    Shouty smiles as Leonard reads his email.
    Leonard: “A Disney Plus subscription!?! This is awesome.”
    Shouty: “It’s a 7-day free trial, so make sure you cancel it or they’ll charge me.”
    Leonard is laughing.

  • Vegan Thanksgiving ~

    Vegan Thanksgiving Comic by Shouty


    Shouty: “Looking forward to our first vegan Thanksgiving?”
    Cousin: “It’s gonna be weird without turkey.”
    Turkey: “Oh, I’ll be there. Got my invite last week.”

  • Merging in Bumper to Bumper Traffic ~

    Merging Comic By Shouty


    In bumper to bumper traffic, a yellow car is taking advantage of the wider merging lane and passing cars before merging. An arrow points to the yellow car: “Merges after passing 8 more cars.”

    A few cars behind, another car merges onto the highway, when a red car centers itself in the lane to block it from passing several cars before merging. An arrow points to the red car: “Me blocking mergers from cheatin’.”

  • Genetic Test ~

    Genetic Test Comic By Shouty


    Shouty is swabbing his cheek with a genetic testing kit.
    Leonard: “You know the company will own your DNA in perpetuity, right?”
    Shouty: “Yeah, so. What’s the worse that could happen?”
    Leonard looks solemn.
    Shouty thinks of the following scenarios:
    “Your DNA was found at the crime scene”
    “Your dad isn’t your dad”
    “You got 7 siblings now”
    “…and then he was cloned”
    “You ARE the father!”

  • #NoTVember ~



    Shouty: “I’m not watching TV for the month of November – it’s #NoTVember.
    Leonard: “Watching on laptop still counts.”
    Shouty, with thumbs up: “Baby steps.”
    Leonard laughs.

  • Happy World Vegan Day ~

    Happy World Vegan Day


    2019 | Shouty: “Crazy that our grandparents’ generation saw ads where doctors endorsed smoking tobacco as healthy.”
    2089 | Shouty’s future relatives: “Crazy that our grandparents’ generation saw ads that touted cow’s milk as healthy for the human body.”

  • Remembering ~

    Remembering Comic By Shouty


    Leonard: “What was that guy’s name again?”
    Shouty, closing his eyes and holding his fist to his head: “Don’t say nuthin’, I almost have it.”
    Leonard: “Was it Tom?”
    Shouty, putting his index finger up to his mouth: “Shhh.”
    An undefined duration of time has passed and Leonard is now a skeleton, while Shouty is still straining to remember with his eyes closed and fist to his head.

  • Sore ~

    Sore Comic by Shouty


    Shouty, worried: “Sorry I’m walking slowly…my glutes are sore.”
    Leonard: “You been weightlifting?”
    Shouty, grinning: “Binge watching.”