• Happy World Vegan Day ~

    Happy World Vegan Day


    2019 | Shouty: “Crazy that our grandparents’ generation saw ads where doctors endorsed smoking tobacco as healthy.”
    2089 | Shouty’s future relatives: “Crazy that our grandparents’ generation saw ads that touted cow’s milk as healthy for the human body.”

  • Remembering ~

    Remembering Comic By Shouty


    Leonard: “What was that guy’s name again?”
    Shouty, closing his eyes and holding his fist to his head: “Don’t say nuthin’, I almost have it.”
    Leonard: “Was it Tom?”
    Shouty, putting his index finger up to his mouth: “Shhh.”
    An undefined duration of time has passed and Leonard is now a skeleton, while Shouty is still straining to remember with his eyes closed and fist to his head.

  • Sore ~

    Sore Comic by Shouty


    Shouty, worried: “Sorry I’m walking slowly…my glutes are sore.”
    Leonard: “You been weightlifting?”
    Shouty, grinning: “Binge watching.”

  • Dream Come True ~

    Dream Come True Comic by Shouty


    Shouty, thinking to himself and blushing: “I can’t believe we’re about to kiss. I’ve wanted this for so long!! Dreams really can come true.”
    Shouty and his beloved move close to each other. He is overwhelmed with the moment. They are smiling.
    Both of them close their eyes and move in to kiss, their puckered lips a mere inch away from the other’s.
    The alarm goes off at 7:00 AM and Shouty lays awake in bed.

  • The Interrogation ~

    The Interrogation Comic by Shouty


    New washing machine with police badge to old dryer: “We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Where are the missing socks?”

  • Email: Draft vs. Sent ~

    Draft vs. Sent Comic by Shouty


    How it looks when you review it:
    “Hi Sam, Yes, I would like to buy your road bike for the listed price of $500.00. Thank you, Shouty”
    How it looks after you send it:
    “Hi Sam, Yes, I would like to but your your road bike for the listed price of $500.00 . Thanks you, Shouty”

  • Let Me Know ~

    Let Me Know Comic by Shouty


    Leonard: “Shouty, wake up! You missed the ending.”
    Shouty (half asleep): “Wha, huh?”
    Leonard: “Next time, tell me if you fall asleep.”
    Shouty (sarcastically): “Um, ok. I’ll be sure to wake up in the middle of my dream to let you know.”

  • Ring Finger ~

    Ring Finger Comic by Shouty


    Ring Finger: “I had hoped Single Ladies would put me on the map but that ended up just helping the hand. Index finger has sports, middle finger is ubiquitous, and baby finger is still riding that Dr. Evil Exposure. Also, all the others are known for their position except me….So I’d like to announce from this point forward, call me Digitus Annularis – the ‘other’ middle finger.”
    Baby Finger is looking at Ring Finger with a pacifier in its mouth, and Middle Finger is giving Ring Finger the finger.