• Black Lives Matter ~

    Black Lives Matter Comic


    Standing in front of a partial list of murdered black people in a difficult to read red-and-white color scheme, Shouty, his sister Merlington, who is wearing a black power beret and sunglasses, and her son Cousin, who is holding a Black Lives Matter sign, stare at the viewer.

  • Pandemic Pudge ~

    Pandemic Pudge Comic by Shouty


    Shouty, in an oversized hoodie: “I’m on my way to gain the COVID-19lbs.”
    Leonard: “Did you make that up?”
    Shouty, hugging a bag of chips: “No. But I’ve embraced it!”
    Leonard laughs.

  • Sign o’ the Times ~

    Sign 'o the Times Comic by Shouty


    Shouty: “I’m saving so much eating at home.”
    Leonard: “Yeah, but that’s probably offset by your recent purchases.”
    Shouty: “What do you mean?”
    Both are surrounded by stacks of toilet paper rolls.

  • A Simple Question ~

    A Simple Question Comic by Shouty


    Will you be my Valentine?
    Checkbox 1: yes.
    Checkbox 2: no.
    Written-in checkbox, selected: “My lawyer advised me not to answer this question.”

  • Apple ~

    Apple Comic by Shouty


    Shouty: “Have you tried this variety of apple? So good!”
    Leonard: “Aren’t those made in a lab?”
    Shouty: “But they’re organic.”
    Leonard, checking phone: “Yeah…organically made in a lab.”
    Shouty: “Welp, I guess I’m gonna have to go back to cookies for my snack.”
    Leonard laughs.

  • M.A.D. ~

    M.A.D. Comic by Shouty


    A battered microphone stands on a stage in front of an audience of microphones. He says, “I mean, the stand was right there!” Beside him is a sign that reads, “M.A.D. Microphones Against Dropping.”

  • Methods of Payment ~

    Methods of Payment Comic by Shouty


    Shouty, with a pensive face thinking to himself in his car: “I forgot my cash on the table… Should I go back?”
    Now smiling, he thinks: “Nah, I got my credit cards.”
    Shouty is eighth in line when a new register opens up. The operator of the register says, “I can take folks who are paying with cash.”
    No one moves.

  • Season of Giving ~

    Season of Giving Comic by Shouty


    Shouty: “Check your email. I got something for you.”
    Leonard: “Wow, thank you!”
    Shouty smiles as Leonard reads his email.
    Leonard: “A Disney Plus subscription!?! This is awesome.”
    Shouty: “It’s a 7-day free trial, so make sure you cancel it or they’ll charge me.”
    Leonard is laughing.